Monday, November 21, 2011

Adoption Art of the Week: Ode to Love

This week I would like to share a piece of art that has touched my life beyond measure. It was a poem written for me and given to me after I placed. My good friend's mom became like a second mother to me throughout my childhood and into my teens. She knew that I placed Dawson, and she wrote this for me. She is so talented, so caring and so amazing. A true example of a wonder woman and a super mom. I think of her as an extension of my family and I feel lucky to have had the chance to have her as an example in my life.

This is going to be really hard for me to copy, and if I am being honest I was not able to even read through the entire poem for a long time after placement. It sits in a special place in my son's baby book which my mom made for me. I still often find myself looking more at the fancy font than the words because it is so hard for me to relive the emotions I was feeling during those times. So here is one of the sweetest gestures anyone has ever done for me (and I am already crying and I haven't even started copying it yet).

Ode to Love

By Andi McGrew

My baby son

I want you to know,

That your Mama

Loves you so.

My heart broke

As I watched you go.

I so wished I could

Watch you grow.

But son, I couldn't give you

All that you would need.

I wanted for you

The best life you could lead.

You'll be in my heart

For as long as I live.

Ensuring your future,

Was the best gift I could give.

When you read this someday,

Please know that I cared.

I mourn for those moments

We might have shared.

Grow up happy and strong

And my heart will rejoice

And always know

That I made the best choice.

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Monika said...

*sniff* *sob* How beautiful. That made my heart ache, and brought tears to my eyes.