Friday, April 27, 2012

What's Going On?

Things have certainly been crazy lately. We had an amazing visit in february, then I started a new job in March and since then it seems like one thing after another is getting in the way of me posting. I can honestly say that for the last 2 weeks or so I have been trying to write something and failing to finish anything I've written. Honestly, some of the posts should not be posted publicly anyway (Cookie's bio-dad has kind of been pissing me off lately). I think with all the stress and new info I've been absorbing it has been really hard for me to focus on the adoption-related subjects. There are still so many things I want to write about but this block just keeps getting in my way and making it difficult for anything to seem coherent. Over and over in the last few months I have been reminded of the importance of Adoption and how lucky I am to not only have experience from a Bmom's perspective, but also from the view of my daughter. She and I are both so lucky to have A and a few weeks ago I got a perfect example of their amazing relationship.

Of course I happened to get sick over the weekend. While I was in a light coma in my room all weekend A took over as cheif parent and did a phenomenal job. Cookie turned 2 back in March and we had been trying to start potty training. We had a bit of a struggle with getting her to go potty at our house. She would go perfectly all day at the sitter and then wouldnt go for us. That weekend with her Daddy, Cookie found her groove and something clicked for her. All weekend I heard their exclamations and dances each time she would go. Every time A would come into the room to talk to me I could see the pride in his eyes that she was accomplishing this next step. He is most certainly her Daddy, and a darn good one at that. A will always put Cookie's needs before his own, he would never make a choice that would hurt her. He is a mature adult who takes care of his responsibilities and loves his fammily. He keeps his word and doesnt lie, he has integrity. He doesnt just take care of us, he cares FOR us. I know this has turned into quite a gush-fest so I will wrap it up. Basically it has become painfully obvious that we actually dodged a bullet in a way. Cookie and I are both blessed to have A in our lives. I will try to get some more posts out soon. Enjoy your weekend!