Thursday, November 3, 2011

50 Random Facts About Red...

1. I like the word "Ukulele", it just rolls off the tongue

2. I have a habit of thinking up and searching names for future kids, not because I plan on having one anytime soon but just because I feel the need to.

3. When I was a teenager I got along well with my Mom and didn't like my Dad. As I've grown up my relationship with my Dad has become easier, whereas I feel I have to work harder with my Mom.

4. I wish I could stay home with my daughter every day.

5. I also wish I had the gumption to be a stay-at-home Mom, cause it is hard work.

6. I am the 6th of 7 children (my oldest brother died at 4 months old).

7. 3 out of those 7 kids are redheads.

8. Any strong emotion makes me cry, doesn't matter what emotion it is, (anger, happiness, excitement) all emotions are hard-wired to my tear-ducts.

9. I love to use parentheses (have you noticed?).

10. When I was in middle school I used to sign all my notes with "Love, Peace, and bulletproof marshmallows". Pretty sure I stole it from someone at some point, but I still enjoy it :D

11. I would rather listen to Broadway show tunes than any other music.

12. Did you know that strawberries are in the Rose family? I repeated this fact to everyone I knew when I found out in High School.

13. I love Huckleberry Jam (go out and get some NOW)

14. I prefer even numbers but all good things seem to come to me on odd dates (both my kids have odd birthdays)

15. I live with the coolest dog on the planet (Heidi- she is awesome and irreplaceable) but most of the time I prefer cats (I used to own Munchkin cats-- look them up they are ADORABLE)

16. I cant own a cat now because A is allergic (sad day!).

17. When I am sad I watch Cinderella. Any version, doesn't matter, the story itself is what I need.

18. If Hollywood made a movie version of my life, I would want Emma Stone to play me.

19. I am arachnophobic.

20. I love nutella on toast.

21. I pick at my fingers and hands, it annoys the crap out of A.

22. My favorite author is Dean Koontz, I think about 80% of my book collection is written by him.

23. I love to sing, I was in choir in High School and it was some of the best times I've had.

24. I want to start taking voice lessons again soon.

25. Someday I want to own a baby grand piano like the one my Gram has had forever (seriously that thing has survived going back and forth from Africa and from coast to coast and it still plays the most amazing music I've heard).

26. When I was young I was in alot of community theatre and musicals.

27. I have been in 3 different versions of "The Wizard of Oz" in my life.

28. "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" is still one of my favorite songs.

29. I was in a musical in 8th grade (Showboat) with the guy who did the original "Day-o, one day sale" commercial for The Bon Marche.

30. When I laugh really hard I snort and squeak.

31. I moved to Phoenix on a spur-of-the-moment decision. I decided to move and 3 weeks later I was here, 2000 miles away from my home town. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

32. I met my boyfriend on an online dating site :D

33. I love good Chinese food, but there is NO good Chinese food in AZ.

34. When I travel back home I usually come back 10 pounds heavier between my Mom's cooking and all the food I go out to get while I am there.

35. I also really miss all the good coffee in Washington, AZ is a primarily Starbucks kind of place.

36. I have a serious crush on Johnny Depp.

37. In middle school I wore a necklace that said "NSYNC". LOL

38. I tend to plan out conversations in my head (but they never go the way I plan).

39. I also tend to think through every possible scenario in my head. This can be very nerve-racking.

40. I hate seafood, as in, ALL sea food. Texture, smell, look, it's just gross.

41. I could not live in a world without cheesecake (YUM!)

42. < this is my favorite number.

43. I think my daughter has the most beautiful eyes ever! They are brown on the inside and blue on the outside, very unique.

44. I think all facts about my kids count as facts about me :D

45. I once had a crush on a gay guy (in my defense I did not know his orientation when we met).

46. I have one of the worst memories, I don't remember things so I have to have reminders and alarms set for everything.

47. Sometimes I wish I lived closer to my parents.

48. Then I have a conversation with them and I realize its probably good I only see them once a year or so :D

49. I'm a little dense. As in, my good friend and I from high school used to get confused by jokes, and then we would burst out laughing 20 min later when we figured out the punchline (at the same time). Said friend is a blonde :)

50. I hate feet (ewww!).

Thanks for hanging in there for this :D

Love, Peace and Bulletproof Marshmallows!


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Jen said...

Way to go! I don't think I could think of 50 things to write about myself.